How can one recognize a prostitute in the streets of Mazatlan

How can one recognize a prostitute in the streets of Mazatlan

Many fellows are sure that prostitutes represent a separate type of women, that act and look in such a specific way that can be identified from far away. But in Mexican resort town Mazatlan prostitution is a legal and commonly acceptable profession, i.e. the intimate way of earning money is permitted to anyone who is eager to do that. But escort service is an exception, because only elegant beauties with model looks are able to work there, and you’ll never guess their field of activities by their appearance. Sex pleasure seekers who arrive in Mazatlan are always impressed by skimpy bold clothes and striking make-up of local girls in general, against this background it’s absolutely impossible to identify sex professionals. To make it easier for tourists in Mazatlan to find night butterflies for intimate dating, analysts are highlighting several classical signs, which can help them to recognize a call girl.

Parameters of appearance

The majority of Mexican girls attract men with their appealing bodies, which they like to demonstrate and show off, but putanas do it with the thoroughness of professionals, because their sexy appearance is their tool for receiving new clients. So, individual sex workers have several distinctive features about their looks, here they are:
1.Outfits showing much of the body. The air temperature in Mazatlan allows the prostitutes to approach nudity as close as possible, exposing the most attractive parts of their bodies, but still retaining some secrecy and hiding their intimate zones. Meeting a girl in a mini-skirt in the streets of the town is something quite normal, but an individual putana will add a bright and minimal top resembling most of all the upper part of a two-piece bathing suit. Short and tight dresses with slots and low necklines can also be called a prostitutes’ “uniform”.
2. High heels. Local women rarely wear high heels in the middle of the day, unless they are going out to some festivity or other important event, where an elegant dress code is obligatory. In everyday life they prefer comfortable and light open footwear. Prostitutes, on the contrary, think that high heels are an inseparable part of their image and seldom do they go out to work without them.
3. Garish costume jewelry. Another method of drawing attention to themselves is bright accessories, so much loved by call girls. Massive necklaces, big round earrings and colorful clangorous bracelets make their image remarkable and memorable.
4. Heavy make-up. Mazatlan women are used to living in hot weather almost all year round, that’s why they don’t wear too much cosmetics without reason. But putanas always wear vivid and expressive flashy make-up when they go for a client hunt.
These are typical external signs which make prostitutes identifiable in the streets, bars or at discotheques. But it’s important to remember that such methods of attracting attention are not used by representatives of escort services. You can’t just meet them in the streets of Mazatlan and arrange a date. If you are interested in elite professionals the most reliable ways of doing this will be addressing a specialized escort agency or find one for a date via the internet at sites like where VIP prostitutes and escort girls are presented in separate categories.

Specific behavior

Sometimes men find professionals of the intimate sphere not in the streets, but in nocturnal entertainment places, where all the women are dressed boldly and wear bright make-up. That’s why it makes sense to estimate not only the appearances of the beauties around but also how they behave. Very often, for example, prostitutes act in the following manner:
1. Active flirting. When a putana notices that someone is interested in her she’ll do her best to keep the attention of the prospective client, she’ll be obviously hitting on him, smiling at him, looking straight in the eyes without any signs of shyness or embarrassment.
2. Taking the initiative. If in one of Mazatlan clubs a prostitute notices that a man is looking for an intimate date with a one-night partner, she’ll come up to him herself. The local skillful professionals get seated at the tables of single guys or male companies, giving them hints about her eagerness to continue the fun in a more intimate surrounding.
3. Surprising frankness. Very often individual sex workers don’t conceal their profession and seeing the obvious interest of a man can just offer him the range of her services and skills, as well as her prices.
4. Free cocktails. One more characteristic feature of putanas in bars and clubs of Mexico is their aspiration to have a drink at their partner’s expense. The point is not that a girl is alcohol addicted, it’s just that to have the permission of the place’s management to work there they must bring some profit increasing the sales. For this purpose they encourage men to buy them drinks at prices several times as high as those indicated in the menu.

But taking into consideration the high level of freedom enjoyed by the young Mexicans, even if one sees all the above-mentioned signs in a woman he likes, this doesn’t guarantee that this girl in a sexy outfit is a prostitute. So, if you count on the intimate continuation of the evening, you’d better ask your partner unobtrusively but clearly, whether you are right or wrong thinking that she is a professional providing sex service. This way you’ll avoid wasting your time and money.